Amanda and Steven where high school sweethearts. Steven and Amanda are avid hockey and roller hockey player where they play at their high school games. Amanda used to watch Steven play with his hockey team with her friends and she was his biggest cheer leader. Their relationship lasted through college and graduate school. One day on Amanda's birthday, Steven handed her a check on her birthday that said will you marry me. Steven went down on his knees and asked her hand in marriage. She immediately said yes and they both proceeded to call their parents of the great news. Their family was so excited for they have waited for this wonderful news in a long time. Their elegant wedding day was held at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph in San Jose for their ceremony and their reception was held at the Ranch Golf Course south San Jose. They still enjoy playing roller hockey and a Sharks hockey team spectators. Wishing them both happiness and love forever.

Below are samples of their wedding photos and to the right is their wedding video highlight.

Wedding Video Highlight


  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-102
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-103
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-129
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-190
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-197
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-202
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-248
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-251
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-299
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-319
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-361
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-419
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-425a
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-440
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-460
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-494
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-492
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-488
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-558
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-583
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-592
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-634
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-730
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-753
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-759
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-763
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-793
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-857
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-843
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-861
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-886
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-890
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-996
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-1040
  • 7-28-13AmandaHoye-StevenVerbrugge-1070
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