Outdoor Weddings - clarissebalistreri

Amy + Andrew

<< More Wedding Photos of Amy and Andrew

Ceremony and Reception:
Reece Farms, Farmington CA

Rachel + Andy

Alexa + Derek

Julie + Sean

<< More wedding photos of Julie and Sean

Ceremony and Reception:
Serena Farm and Gardens, Gilroy, CA

Samantha + Justin

Breanna + James

<< More wedding photos of Breanna and James

Ceremony + Reception:
Backyard Private Home, Los Gatos Hills, CA

Rachel + Hector

5-30-15 Rachel-Hector-649

<< More Wedding Photos of Rachel and Hector

Ceremony and Reception:
Private Mansion, Morgan Hill CA

Judy + Bob

4-25-15 Judy - Bob-512

Adrianna + Paul

<< More wedding photos of Adrianna and Paul

Ceremony and Reception:
Lincoln Farmhouse, Stockton CA

Crystal + Christopher


Anastasia + Franklin

Lia + Paul

<< More wedding photos of Lia and Paul

Ceremony and Reception:
Creekside Terrace, Los Gatos CA

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